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Late Phone Packages

  • September College 5-Star Selection

    September College 5- Star will be available at 11:15am Eastern Saturday 9/22/18 Morning.

  • Saturday College Marquees

    Saturday College Marquee Selections. Available after 11:00am eastern Saturday morning.

    You will get two Marquee sides, and a Marquee Total.

  • Friday Night College Football Marquee

    Friday night CFB marquee selection is no longer available. Check back 9/28/18 for next selection.

  • Economy Club Selections

    Get the Economy Club plays for the Weekend of 9/22/18. Plays will be available now for 9/19/18.

    You get 12 College Selections and 5 NFL this Week.

    The Economy Club is midweek College Football and NFL selections that are in the Mix to become Star Rated Late Phone Selections by the end of the week.

    The Economy Club is the Perfect compliment to the Power Sweep Newsletter to see who is in the mix to become Late Phone Selections.

  • Big Dog Plays of the Week

    Get the Big Dog Plays of the Week. They are dog selections greater than a touchdown that we feel have a chance to win against the spread and be an outright upset winner this week.

    The big dogs are 8-5 ATS last 2 weeks with 4 outright upset winners.

    Plays are available as of 9/19/18.

  • Thursday Night NFL Marquee

    Thursday night NFL marquee selection is no longer available. Check back 9/27/18 for next selection.

  • Community Line
    Handicappers Plays

    A collection of top-rated handicappers who handicap baseball, football, hockey, and basketball.

  • 2018 Scorebook

    One scorebook, College & NFL combined!