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I am a current Power Sweep (and/or Power Plays) subscriber. How do I access my online issue?
PS/PP are available Tuesdays after 12:00 ET. This option is available to subscribers who have paid for the entire year in full. Tuesday’s, after 12:00, we will automatically send you an email with the newsletter attached. So there is no need to log in to get the newsletters.

My Newsletter won’t open?
Please make sure you are updated with the current version of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free program available at Many times that is where the issue lies. For questions regarding Adobe Reader, please visit the Adobe site.

When do issues of Power Sweep/Power Plays start?
PS/PP are published regularly from the first week of the football season thru Super Bowl. Power Sweep does have special “summer editions” published (Power Plays does not). The first issue of PS/PP is normally mailed on the Friday before college games start. In season both PS and PP are written on Sunday night after all the games have been played.

Why don’t I have my Power Sweep/Power Plays?
PS and PP are written Sunday night and mailed Monday morning, first class mail. Unfortunately, once the publication leaves our office we can not track it. For concerns regarding the delivery of your publication, please contact your local post office. We do offer the download of PS/PP Tuesday after 12:00 ET for all paid in full subscribers. We also offer an update tape (updated Friday) for the Power Sweep selections. Due to the large volume of calls at Northcoast Sports we are unable to read publications over the phone.