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2018 Power sweep or Power Plays

2018 Power Sweep or Power Plays
Now $94. Buy both Newsletters
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2018 College and Pro Scorebook

Regular Price $47.20
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Power Sweep & Power Plays

RENEW Power Sweep or Power Plays NOW!

As you know, Northcoast Sports offers both the
Power Sweep and Power Plays Newsletters.
But did you know, becoming a Full Season Subscriber definitely has its advantages...

• Receive Additional Bonuses for the upcoming season(s)

• Bonuses announced in Power Sweep Post Draft Issue

* Power Sweep Preview Edition
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• Receive Weekly Discounted Prices on that seasons
Late Phone Services!

Our prices are low now but as the season continues to approach, we do unfortunetly have to raise the prices.

2018+ Power Sweep or Power Plays Pricing
2018 Power Sweep
*$94 email or $134 mail
2018 Power Plays
*$94 (**email only)
(Reg price $119 email/ $159 mailed)


2019+ Power Sweep or Power Plays Pricing
2019 Power Sweep
*$69 email or $109 mail
2019 Power Plays
*$69 (**email only)

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