NorthCoast sports VIP Line

A collection of top-rated handicappers who handicap baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. Community Line services can be purchased through the Northcoast Office at 1-800-654-3448 or Purchase Debit credit online here at
NC VIP Line!

Community Line

Establishing a NorthCoast VIP Account

VIP Login


How to get started!

When signing up for a VIP account you will use a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) to establish an account. You will choose an amount to be credited to your account and charged to your credit card per your authorization. At that time you will be issued a unique ID and Passcode. These codes will be used to access your account both on-line or by telephone.


Please write down your ID and Passcode and keep it in a secure location!


As a Debit System user you will now be able to access Northcoast Sports selections in two convenient methods! Your account will be debited for each access.


1. Access On-Line:

  • Login to your account
  • Make your selection – Once you make the selection YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE debited. You must either
    listen to or view the text at that time.
  • Select Audio or Text



Once you navigate away from the page, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ADDITONAL ACCESSES to that update. Each time you choose that selection on-line or by calling the number your account will be charged!


2. 800 Phone Access:

For printable instructions on how to use the 800 VIP System number click here. If you access the selection by phone, accessing that same selection again on-line would be charged separately.

NOTE: Access to each selection is allowed only one time whether by phone or on-line. Your account will be
charged accordingly.


Adding Credit to your Account:
To add credit to your account please login, click “Add Credit”, re-enter your credit card information and
select the amount you would like to credit to your account from the pull-down menu.


Credit can also be added by calling the Northcoast office at 1-800-654-3448.


Discounts or special promotions will be handled separately.


Debit Login