VIP line 800 Instructions

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To use the Northcoast Sports Debit System, read the following instructions carefully:

1. Dial 1‐800‐659‐4305 from a standard touch tone phone. Do not use a portable, cellular, or pay phone!

2. Wait for the computer to prompt you, then enter your ID# followed by your Passcode# listed below.


3. You will immediately be told your VIP Line account balance.


4. You then will begin to hear our Main Menu. Listen carefully! If you do not hear the current date, the recordings have not been updated ‐ proceed no further! If you continue from this point, you will be spending funds for outdated information. When you hear the correct date, you will then hear the following options and you may then make the appropriate selection(s):

PRESS 1* $9.00 Private Play Hotline. You can find all of Northcoast Sports opinions on this line.


PRESS 2* $30.00 Northcoast Sports Executive Line. All of Northcoast Sports‐ star rated selections are available here, in order of game time.


PRESS 3 $50.00 Inner Circle Line. Looking for one strong play? Make this selection for the Top ‐ rated Play of the Day!


PRESS 4 $50.00 Top 3 Plays of the Day. Northcoast 3 Top Plays can be found on this line, including our Inner Circle Play.


PRESS 5* $20.00 Northcoast Community Gold Line. Allows you to buy selections from a variety of documented winning handicappers, that feature baseball, basketball, and football. Prices do vary on days when more than one sport is playing ( ie, sat, sun ) or if a Service has a big play, ie: 5*, Game of Month, Game of Year.


PRESS #: To return to the main menu at any time.


These extensions have sub‐menus ‐ again, listen carefully.


Always call us at 1‐800‐654‐3448 should you have any questions or to purchase additional credit for your Debit Card. We offer substantial discounts on purchases. Call for details!


Any balances from previous years will automatically be carried forward. All prices/costs are subject to


DEBIT LINE 1‐800‐659‐4305